Inspired by the sustainable society, a group of 12 bloggers sharing thoughts and ideas every month around a certain subject within the sustainable lifestyle area, I decided to join in and give a few tips myself…

For April the theme is “small things” so here are a few tips and tricks for those wanting a greener life. I decided to focus on the kitchen today.

  • Bring your own. Start a habit of keeping a cloth bag in your purse/backpack and use it whenever you go shopping. If you’re just getting a few groceries including some fruit – you can use it for the fruit and then top it up with the rest after you’ve paid.

  • Save old glass jars. You can store food left overs, keep a flower in it or use it to freeze some left over sauce.
  • Have an old t-shirt or a kitchen towel that has seen better days?  Cut it up and use as rags/un-paper towels. You can store them in a drawer, in a basket or why not in that empty jar?
  • Big fan of plant based milks? Me too. Make your own and use the leftovers for “cheese”, use them in bread or muffins.
  • Sad fruits? Cut them up, put them on a tray and freeze them for smoothies. Or make ice cream.
  • Wrinkled veggies? Make a big pot of soup or stew, add some lentils or beans and you’ll have the next few meals prepared.

What about you, do you have any tips?

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