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So, for Aprils monthly makers I sewed a whale! I love whales and I’ve seen so many nice ones on pinterest, so it was an easy choice. Here’s what the pieces that I cut out from my old jeans looked like: For the belly, I chose to go with grey linnen.

And here it is! As for the filling, well I get a lot of small scraps when I sew so I just put it all to good use 🙂

For now he lives on a shelf in my studio. 


*As for the left overs, whatever pieces that we big enough I saved them to use for when I need to repair jeans. With a jeans-loving family, I expect that to be very soon. Would you like a tutorial for repairing jeans? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “monthly makers – april pt2.”

  1. HELT underbar! Åh vill bara gosa in den under armen direkt! Linne och jeans var ju riktigt snyggt ihop dessutom, passar perfekt till valens färgtoner.

  2. Oj vilken fin! Gillar slitningarna från jeansen som hamnade i ansiktet, och den ser så rund och snäll ut. Väldigt fin och kramgo val!

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