Last week I posted this picture on my instagram, asking people to guess what I was making and even though I got a lot of good guesses and good ideas, no one got it right. Quite understandable, I wouldn’t have been able to guess either. 

Anyways, I was making a filter to use when you make nut or oat milk. We make a lot of oat milk for smoothies, and here’s the super easy way to do it!

You’ll need:

2.5 dl Oats (1 cup)

7 dl (3 cups) of cold water

I have an immersion blender with a little attachment which is great but it doesn’t hold that much so I do mine i 2 batches. If you have a bigger one, just do it all at once. In a blender, mix half the oats and half of the water. Use a filter or a cheese cloth to drain it into a bowl or something you can pour from. To get the last out, I just gently squeeze it with my hand. Do this step again if you have a small blender, if not, just fill a glass bottle. Keep refrigerated and shake well before use. It will last a few days (I always run out before noticing anything going bad).

The left overs? I use them in bread, muffins or throw some of it back into a smoothie to make it more into a bowl-eating thing.

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