This months theme for the Sustainable society is food waste and how to minimise it. Some of these tips you might have seen here before, but they never get old 😉

  1. Buy only what you intend to use. There are often 2 for 1 sales at the grocery store, but if you end up throwing one away it’s not such a good deal after all.
  2. Don’t shop when you are hungry and stick to a plan. 
  3.  Keep dry goods in glass jars, you’ll see what you have and how much there’s left. (also it makes bulk buying a lot easier!)
  4. Remember/write down whats in your freezer. Got some tomato sauce left that you froze? Great, but plan a pizza night soon after.
  5. Get creative with leftovers, sometimes some sauce just needs some fresh pasta or if you add some water and a chopped up carrot, it turns into soup.
  6. When there’s a lot of different things in the fridge but no full meal? Add some beans, make a sallad and have a hodge lodge dinner. Everyone will get something they like and you clean out the fridge.
  7. A lot of veggies can be chopped up and put in the oven. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, aubergine etc. When its got about 5 min left, sprinkle some feta over it/add some beans/throw in some corn. Crème fraîche with some salt, pepper and lemon or lime juice makes a good sauce.
  8. Cook only what you eat! Don’t just dump a whole pack of pasta in the water when making dinner (unless you are of course cooking for a lot of people) try and make so that when dinner is over (and your lunch box is packed!) nothing is left.

What are your best tips for not throwing out food?


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