Summer is in full swing and we tend to travel more. Today I wanted to share a few thoughts on traveling light, both with what you pack but also on the footprint you leave behind.

1. When planning a trip, see if there are any places close by that you’d like to see. A lot of the time, I think we are bad at exploring our own country. Choose train or even public transport as your first choice. Think of the traveling as part of your trip. Also, a trip close by can make it possible to stay at your own house.

2. Where to stay? Maybe you live down town and your friends have a big house in a suburb, why not switch for a few days/a week?

3. When it comes to packing, I think this is a great rule of thumb: Whatever you’ve pack, cut it in half. Most of the time we end up not using everything we brought with us. Choose your favourites and go with them.

4. When on a trip its easy to buy snacks and drinks on the run, but make sure you bring a reusable bottle. As for snacks, instead of buying package stuff, go for a fruit or some nuts in a pick and mix-section/bulk store. (that you obv have a cloth bag for!). Boiled eggs are also super smart snacks!

5. I always pack a few cloth drawstring bags with me. I usually use one for bathroom essentials, one for chords and a large one to use for dirty clothes. The two first ones can be used for other things whilst away; some fruit from a market, to keep a few kids toys in them, protect an ipad on the beach etc.

What are your travel plans for the summer? As I am working/we have the garden/we’re moving at the end of July, we’re staying put (and having people visit us) and then hitting my home town for a few days. Very relaxing.

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