My name is Stella Hildebrandt and I live in Gävle, a sort of small town north of Stockholm. My and my kid left Stockholm for a slower lifestyle. I was tired of the metro, the feeling of always being stressed and barely seeing my child as he grows up. So I packed our bags and we left.
Stella sews is my company that combines my two passions – creativity and sustainable thinking. Suistainability and the environment has always meant a lot to me and my interest only grew greater once I became a mother. Now I make textile goods for your everyday life, I teach workshops and I am slowly growing my business.

If you are looking for a creative event, or have a group or friends wanting to learn more about zero waste, slow living etc- email me and we’ll come up with something great. I am based in Gävle, but I travel to Stockholm frequently. If you live in another city – email me and we’ll figure it out.

This fall I will also start to help companies that need a small or big push towards a more sustainable office environment. I offer three different packages, you can read more about it here -> (soon!)

If you want to know more, work with me, participate in an event or have something else on your mind – email me at hello (at) stellasews.com

Have a sweet day,



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