Monthly makers – July

This months theme was “something I’ve never tried before” and I decided to make bee’s wraps! I’ve had a set for a couple of years now and I’ve wanted to make my own as its something I’d like to add to my shop.

One summers day when my kid all of a sudden decided to take a nap, I got to work!



It was really fun and so easy! I used organic cotton fabric and organic wax as well. I did like the first result but wasn’t fully pleased so I played around a bit afterwards with a bit of oil and more wax.

Travel light

Summer is in full swing and we tend to travel more. Today I wanted to share a few thoughts on traveling light, both with what you pack but also on the footprint you leave behind.

1. When planning a trip, see if there are any places close by that you’d like to see. A lot of the time, I think we are bad at exploring our own country. Choose train or even public transport as your first choice. Think of the traveling as part of your trip. Also, a trip close by can make it possible to stay at your own house.

2. Where to stay? Maybe you live down town and your friends have a big house in a suburb, why not switch for a few days/a week?

3. When it comes to packing, I think this is a great rule of thumb: Whatever you’ve pack, cut it in half. Most of the time we end up not using everything we brought with us. Choose your favourites and go with them.

4. When on a trip its easy to buy snacks and drinks on the run, but make sure you bring a reusable bottle. As for snacks, instead of buying package stuff, go for a fruit or some nuts in a pick and mix-section/bulk store. (that you obv have a cloth bag for!). Boiled eggs are also super smart snacks!

5. I always pack a few cloth drawstring bags with me. I usually use one for bathroom essentials, one for chords and a large one to use for dirty clothes. The two first ones can be used for other things whilst away; some fruit from a market, to keep a few kids toys in them, protect an ipad on the beach etc.

What are your travel plans for the summer? As I am working/we have the garden/we’re moving at the end of July, we’re staying put (and having people visit us) and then hitting my home town for a few days. Very relaxing.

garden update!

Summer is in full swing and finally we get to see a little bit of a reward from the work I’ve put into our little garden spot. With its 100m2 and 3 years of weeds it’s taking some time to get it into shape. A few days ago I spent a few hours doing some digging, harvesting and planting.

Some of the first things I planted was radishes, carrots, potatoes, garlic and onion. I’ve added some beans and tomatoes that has been growing in my studio, but unfortunately they don’t seem to like their new home too much :/

I feel so happy and lucky to be able to bring this home and eat for dinner!

Elderflower lemonade

The flowers smell of summer and the lemonade is a must on a hot summer day.

I’ve had my eyes closely watching the flowers so that I could pick them at the perfect time and a few days ago was the right day. Just make sure you’ve stocked up with some organic lemons before picking.

I started of following a recipe but changed it as I went along as I had more flowers than the recipe called for, plus a lot of mine were quite small.

However; you’ll need freshly picked elderflowers. Make sure they are all fully bloomed and watch out for little bugs etc. Slice organic lemons thinly (I used 1 and 1/4). Place the flowers and the lemon slices in a large bowl.

Add 1L water and 2dl sugar to a pot. Bring to a simmer and stir while the sugar melts. Pour over the flowers, stir a little bit and cover with a kitchen towel.

Let it rest for at least 24h before you drain it and pour it in glass bottles. Keep refrigerated. When mixing – 1 part lemonade syrup to 10  parts water, or however you like yours.

The sustainable society – food waste

This months theme for the Sustainable society is food waste and how to minimise it. Some of these tips you might have seen here before, but they never get old 😉

  1. Buy only what you intend to use. There are often 2 for 1 sales at the grocery store, but if you end up throwing one away it’s not such a good deal after all.
  2. Don’t shop when you are hungry and stick to a plan. 
  3.  Keep dry goods in glass jars, you’ll see what you have and how much there’s left. (also it makes bulk buying a lot easier!)
  4. Remember/write down whats in your freezer. Got some tomato sauce left that you froze? Great, but plan a pizza night soon after.
  5. Get creative with leftovers, sometimes some sauce just needs some fresh pasta or if you add some water and a chopped up carrot, it turns into soup.
  6. When there’s a lot of different things in the fridge but no full meal? Add some beans, make a sallad and have a hodge lodge dinner. Everyone will get something they like and you clean out the fridge.
  7. A lot of veggies can be chopped up and put in the oven. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, aubergine etc. When its got about 5 min left, sprinkle some feta over it/add some beans/throw in some corn. Crème fraîche with some salt, pepper and lemon or lime juice makes a good sauce.
  8. Cook only what you eat! Don’t just dump a whole pack of pasta in the water when making dinner (unless you are of course cooking for a lot of people) try and make so that when dinner is over (and your lunch box is packed!) nothing is left.

What are your best tips for not throwing out food?


One year

The other day Facebook reminded me that a year ago I publicly announced that I would start up my business again. I was at a crossroad with both work and housing, and I was pretty fed up with our hectic lifestyle in the city. Only a few months later I found myself in a new town and promising myself to give my business the time and energy I felt it deserved.

Fast forward one hard, long and short, intense and stressful, relaxing and rewarding year. I’m sitting in my studio space writing this blog post. My days are busy in a really fun and good way. We have that little garden space to grow our own things on and in less than 2 months we are moving into a new eco friendly building. I’m home.


Rhubarb jam

We’re in the middle of rhubarb season (yey!) and there’s just so much now. I have already made a pie (which was served with vanilla ice cream and very quickly gone), chopped up a ton and thrown in the freezer for when there’s a need for pie in the middle of the winter and yesterday I made a big batch of rhubarb jam/compotte.

I used a big pot (4L) and filled it with rhubarb that was cut up in 1.5cm big slices. Then I add about 1dl (1/2 cup) of sugar and put on a lid. Stir it gently as it cooks down. Fill up clean and sterilised jars and let them cool before you store them. Since I prefer to use very little sugar, I usually put most of my jars in the freezer.

Monthly makers – May

Seriously, where does the time go? I remember in the beginning of the month I looked in my calendar and though “wow this is a busy month!” It has been, indeed and now its just a mere week left.

Anyways…. This months theme was…fabric! I had a few ideas in my head but then one morning when dropping my kid of at day care, I was asked for some expertise… Long story short – the day care wanted a banner for an outdoor party and of course I offered to make it. All the flags where already cut out (so I actually did very little…) but its such a fun and easy project to do that I thought I’d share it here. You can easily do one with some left over fabric you have for a more whimsical look.

Just cut out a bunch of triangels, I do 17cm wide at the top and then 20cm to the bottom. Press down 1.5cm and sew with a straight stitch, make sure you secure the thread at the beginning and at the end. Even though it’s an easy and quick job, it should still be done well so that it last for a long time. Then I used a thicker cotton string to hang them. And look at the result 🙂

guessing game + nut milk

Last week I posted this picture on my instagram, asking people to guess what I was making and even though I got a lot of good guesses and good ideas, no one got it right. Quite understandable, I wouldn’t have been able to guess either. 

Anyways, I was making a filter to use when you make nut or oat milk. We make a lot of oat milk for smoothies, and here’s the super easy way to do it!

You’ll need:

2.5 dl Oats (1 cup)

7 dl (3 cups) of cold water

I have an immersion blender with a little attachment which is great but it doesn’t hold that much so I do mine i 2 batches. If you have a bigger one, just do it all at once. In a blender, mix half the oats and half of the water. Use a filter or a cheese cloth to drain it into a bowl or something you can pour from. To get the last out, I just gently squeeze it with my hand. Do this step again if you have a small blender, if not, just fill a glass bottle. Keep refrigerated and shake well before use. It will last a few days (I always run out before noticing anything going bad).

The left overs? I use them in bread, muffins or throw some of it back into a smoothie to make it more into a bowl-eating thing.

on growing things

Recently I got a little (100m2) piece of land to grow things on, which i am really excited about. Being able to grow my own stuff was one of the (many!) reasons why we left the city last fall.

I got  a bunch of seeds to grow carrots, tomatoes, chili, onion, broccoli etc and I have planted some of them, but since we still have very cold nights I’m taking it a bit slow. I’m so excited for spring to kick in fully so we can get to work!