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Monthly makers – September

This months theme is interior, which as we just moved (well, it’s been almost two months now..) was a perfect fit. As I mentioned a while ago, a local newspaper was coming to do an interview with me and shooting a few pics from our home and that certainly gave me the right push to finish up this project…

Almost two years ago, I bought this small chest of drawers. The front of the drawers were in really bad condition and a lot of the front kept falling off. Usually I prefer to take good care of old furniture and I don’t like when people paint over it, but there was no hope for this one. 

I started working on it pretty quickly, but soon after I just stopped. I couldn’t decide on what color and then I finally did but still didn’t paint it. 

…and then, fast forward a year and a half and here we go 😉 

Why does somethings take forever? I really like how it came out, now I just need to find some handles haha! 

It didn’t turn out great, but it looks a million times better now then it did before.

What do you think about painting old furniture? 🙂