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Something new..

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, if I should keep it/how often should I blog/what to write about/what language to write in etc and even though I don’t really have all the answers yet, I’ll try and put some effort into it for the rest of this year and then evaluate.

We’ve lived in our eco friendly building for a few months now and a couple of weeks ago a local news paper was here interviewing me about zero waste/sustainable living etc and after that I thought of starting a series where I show you how we live and small things you can do in an effort of living a bit greener yourself. Would you be interested in that? I also really enjoy the monthly makers challenge and I’m really excited about this months theme so stay tuned…

One year

The other day Facebook reminded me that a year ago I publicly announced that I would start up my business again. I was at a crossroad with both work and housing, and I was pretty fed up with our hectic lifestyle in the city. Only a few months later I found myself in a new town and promising myself to give my business the time and energy I felt it deserved.

Fast forward one hard, long and short, intense and stressful, relaxing and rewarding year. I’m sitting in my studio space writing this blog post. My days are busy in a really fun and good way. We have that little garden space to grow our own things on and in less than 2 months we are moving into a new eco friendly building. I’m home.