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Monthly makers – September

This months theme is interior, which as we just moved (well, it’s been almost two months now..) was a perfect fit. As I mentioned a while ago, a local newspaper was coming to do an interview with me and shooting a few pics from our home and that certainly gave me the right push to finish up this project…

Almost two years ago, I bought this small chest of drawers. The front of the drawers were in really bad condition and a lot of the front kept falling off. Usually I prefer to take good care of old furniture and I don’t like when people paint over it, but there was no hope for this one. 

I started working on it pretty quickly, but soon after I just stopped. I couldn’t decide on what color and then I finally did but still didn’t paint it. 

…and then, fast forward a year and a half and here we go 😉 

Why does somethings take forever? I really like how it came out, now I just need to find some handles haha! 

It didn’t turn out great, but it looks a million times better now then it did before.

What do you think about painting old furniture? 🙂

Something new..

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, if I should keep it/how often should I blog/what to write about/what language to write in etc and even though I don’t really have all the answers yet, I’ll try and put some effort into it for the rest of this year and then evaluate.

We’ve lived in our eco friendly building for a few months now and a couple of weeks ago a local news paper was here interviewing me about zero waste/sustainable living etc and after that I thought of starting a series where I show you how we live and small things you can do in an effort of living a bit greener yourself. Would you be interested in that? I also really enjoy the monthly makers challenge and I’m really excited about this months theme so stay tuned…

Monthly makers – May

Seriously, where does the time go? I remember in the beginning of the month I looked in my calendar and though “wow this is a busy month!” It has been, indeed and now its just a mere week left.

Anyways…. This months theme was…fabric! I had a few ideas in my head but then one morning when dropping my kid of at day care, I was asked for some expertise… Long story short – the day care wanted a banner for an outdoor party and of course I offered to make it. All the flags where already cut out (so I actually did very little…) but its such a fun and easy project to do that I thought I’d share it here. You can easily do one with some left over fabric you have for a more whimsical look.

Just cut out a bunch of triangels, I do 17cm wide at the top and then 20cm to the bottom. Press down 1.5cm and sew with a straight stitch, make sure you secure the thread at the beginning and at the end. Even though it’s an easy and quick job, it should still be done well so that it last for a long time. Then I used a thicker cotton string to hang them. And look at the result 🙂

monthly makers – april pt2.

First part, read here…

So, for Aprils monthly makers I sewed a whale! I love whales and I’ve seen so many nice ones on pinterest, so it was an easy choice. Here’s what the pieces that I cut out from my old jeans looked like: For the belly, I chose to go with grey linnen.

And here it is! As for the filling, well I get a lot of small scraps when I sew so I just put it all to good use 🙂

For now he lives on a shelf in my studio. 


*As for the left overs, whatever pieces that we big enough I saved them to use for when I need to repair jeans. With a jeans-loving family, I expect that to be very soon. Would you like a tutorial for repairing jeans? Let me know!

monthly makers – april

Last month I just didn’t have enough time to participate. I had a few ideas but none of them seemed great enough to become a priority and in combination with a lot of work -it just didn’t work out.

A few weeks ago this months theme was released (animals!) and at first I had absolutely no idea of what to make but then I checked out this post and then it hit me! This winter when we spent 4 weeks in the us, I started a project that I didn’t finish; a whale made from an old pair of jeans.

Sadly, but good for this particular project, my absolute favourite pair were beyond repairing. I had fixed them so many times and as soon as I had fixed one hole, a new one ripped the second I put them on. It was time for the next step. I did cut out all the pieces before we left and then rolled them up  and that’s where I am now!

To be continued…

monthly makers – February


so this months theme was second hand/thriftstore and I kinda knew right away what I wanted to make and even started just a few days after. But then life happened. I got really busy and my project ended up in a bag to be brought to my studio (which is where it is) leaving me with no option to finish it this weekend. I did take a snapshot when I had started though, and I’m hoping to get things a little more back on track this week and some time to finish it tomorrow.

So, here it goes. A while ago I came across maybe 7-8 skeins of grey yarn at a local second hand store which, being a knitter I got. Then I saw this tutorial on pinterest and then the theme was released. Well, perfect match.

This is how far I got though.. 

to be continued…..


UPDATE! Here’s what it looks like now 🙂

Monthly makers January – Mountain pillow

So I finally decided on what to make for Januarys theme, contrast – a mountain pillow. My kid is getting a new bed and I thought a new pillow would be nice.

You’ll need:
*Two pieces of fabric in contrasting colors, I went with linen. They grey one is 45*70 and the white one 30*50
*Sewing machine
*Matching thread

1.  First, cut out 2 triangles from the white fabric. At the bottom of the triangles, cut out smaller ones to form the snow. 

2. Lay one of the white pieces on top of the grey, make sure that there aren’t any gaps between them and with a ruler or a measuring tape, mark guidelines for where to cut the grey fabric in order to get the full triangle.

3. Pin all the small triangles to the grey and with a straight stitch, sew them all down. Repeat with the other two pieces so that you have two looking the same.

4. Place the pieces with right sides towards each other, pin them together and sew around, but leave a 10-15cm gap at the bottom.

5. Trim any excess fabric on the sides, and cut of the corners.

6. Turn the pillow right side out and fill it with stuffing or fabric scraps or an old pillow.

7. Stitch the hole together, either by hand or with the machine.

This was my contribution for Januarys theme from Monthly makers, you can read more about the monthly makers here.  My inspiration for this month theme you can find here and my Pinterest board for monthly makers here.

Monthly makers

This year I’m pursuing my business  to a 100% and I have many plans and ideas for the year ahead of us. One thing I want to do more is to be creative in other ways than sewing and knitting, so therefore I’ve decided to join in on the monthly makers. Monthly makers is a community of creative people and every month a host presents a new theme, which they and everyone else who wants to join then creates something from. January’s theme is contrasts and I here’s some inspiration I found on pinterest for what I think I’ll make.

(yeah ok so I said I wanted to get away from sewing but, we’ll see….)

Have you heard of the monthly makers before? Do you have any creative goals for the year?


ps. if you want to see more of pics I’ve pinned, just click on the image.