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Monthly makers – July

This months theme was “something I’ve never tried before” and I decided to make bee’s wraps! I’ve had a set for a couple of years now and I’ve wanted to make my own as its something I’d like to add to my shop.

One summers day when my kid all of a sudden decided to take a nap, I got to work!



It was really fun and so easy! I used organic cotton fabric and organic wax as well. I did like the first result but wasn’t fully pleased so I played around a bit afterwards with a bit of oil and more wax.

Elderflower lemonade

The flowers smell of summer and the lemonade is a must on a hot summer day.

I’ve had my eyes closely watching the flowers so that I could pick them at the perfect time and a few days ago was the right day. Just make sure you’ve stocked up with some organic lemons before picking.

I started of following a recipe but changed it as I went along as I had more flowers than the recipe called for, plus a lot of mine were quite small.

However; you’ll need freshly picked elderflowers. Make sure they are all fully bloomed and watch out for little bugs etc. Slice organic lemons thinly (I used 1 and 1/4). Place the flowers and the lemon slices in a large bowl.

Add 1L water and 2dl sugar to a pot. Bring to a simmer and stir while the sugar melts. Pour over the flowers, stir a little bit and cover with a kitchen towel.

Let it rest for at least 24h before you drain it and pour it in glass bottles. Keep refrigerated. When mixing – 1 part lemonade syrup to 10  parts water, or however you like yours.

Sugar scrub – DIY

Today I wanted to share a super simple way to do some papering for yourself. My skin always gets extra dry during the winter months, so every now and then I like to give my face and body a good ‘ol scrub. This is good for getting rid of dry skin, but also to get the blood circulation going and leave your skin super smooth!

In a small bowl, add a couple of tablespoons of granulated sugar* and then stir in 1 tablespoon of olive oil or oil of your choice. Gently massage the scrub on your face/legs/feet/elbows and rinse off with warm water. Patt softly with a towel to not rub off all the oil. If you use granulated sugar on your face and scrub a bit hard, you can end up looking like a tomato (well at least I do) but it settles pretty quick.

*if your skin is more sensitive, you can use confectioners sugar or a mix of them

Apple chips

If you have a few apples that are looking a bit sad, why not turn them into chips?

Here’s how:
Turn on your oven to a 212F/100C. Thinly slice your apples (no need to peel them if organic), I prefer to use a mandolin. Spred them out evenly on two cookie sheets lined with parchment paper and pop them in the oven. Every 45 minutes or so, turn them over with a spatula and rotate the cookie sheets so that they are baked evenly. They need to be in the oven for a few hours, but make sure to check in on them once in a while so that they don’t burn.

Store in an air tight container or eat them all right away, I won’t judge.


*this post has been posted here before, but as I lost all of my content I’ve decided to re-post some of the articles. Hope you don’t mind.